Hightime: City Tours with Augmented Reality
Get more from your destination! Experience Hightime’s 3D augmented reality video Show and Figures as you explore the town! Enjoy walking tours of the city themed around the Figures from the Show with maps,  information and fun tips.  
See a Glockenspiel parade in augmented reality
Stage a Zurich Glockenspiel parade in 3D augmented reality. View it against the backdrop of the city’s historic buildings. Walk around the AR clocktower and get a 360 degree view of the drama.
Create picture perfect Hightime moments
Animate individual Figures from the Show. Let the striking 3D AR Zurich figures enhance your views of the town. Create picture perfect moments and send photos of Zurich and the characters to your friends
Enjoy special city walks with Hightime's Zurich Figures
Let the Hightime Figures show you the town. With fun tips on landmarks, luxury goods, money, restaurants, guild houses, raving, roadworks, swimming, lake trips, and walking the dog. Get outside, get going and join the party with Hightime.