Hightime: City Tours with Augmented Reality
Get more from your destination! Experience Hightime’s 3D augmented reality video Show with Munich Figures as you explore the town. Let the Figures take you on their own special tours of the city complete with maps,  information and fun tips.
Take a theme park ride in augmented reality
There is a wild boar on the loose in Munich with magic powers. Will he use them to help Hightime’s Munich Figures get what they want? Walk round the mug and see the drama from all angles. Rotate the mug to keep pace with the action in the Show.
Create picture perfect Hightime moments
Let Hightime’s striking 3D AR Figures from the Show enhance your views of Munich. Download them, position them for effect, create picture perfect moments and send photos of the city with the Figures to your friends.
Enjoy special Munich walks and bike tours
Let Hightime's Munich Figures show you the town! Six special walks, two bike rides and a shopping trip presented by the Figures with fun tips on what to see and do on your route: landmarks, fashion, music, museums, cabaret, bars, restaurants, engineering and river surfing.